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About Us

In 1986 Reinhard Altrichter founded the Spedition Altrichter in a small office in Ulm. Already at that stage he noticed the importance of volume freights and therefore specialised exclusively in lightweight and bulk cargo loads foam blocks, erection insulations (e.g. styrofoam, glass padding, etc.) plastic tubes and plastic materials.

Today the company can look back on a long experience and practical knowledge in the area of trucks. They daily co-ordinate more than 30 loads in whole Germany, and the neighbouring countries Austria, France and the Low Countries.

Our team of 5 employees guarantees the excellent service of the Spedition Altrichter. Sabrina Altrichter joined the team of the family business in 2000 when she had completed her apprenticeship as a forwarding merchant.

We are located in Dieselstrasse in the industrial park of Ulm near the junction of BAB A7/A8.

You can find our truck measurements and maximum load under "car pool".

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